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›  Antimalarial drugs could support existing cancer treatments in two-pronged attack
Antimalarial drugs chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine could make tumour cells more sensitive to cancer treatment.
›  High-speed quantum encryption may help secure the future internet
Quantum encryption may be one step closer to wide-scale use thanks to a newly developed system. The system is capable of distributing encryption codes at megabit-per-second rates, five to 10 times faster than existing methods and on par with current internet speeds when running several systems in parallel. New theory shows that the technique is secure from common security attacks.
›  Timing is key in keeping organic matter in wet soils, new study finds
Periodically flooded soils may actually lose organic matter at accelerated rate, a new report suggests.
›  Promising new treatment for rare pregnancy cancer leads to remission in patients
Three out of four patients with the cancerous forms of gestational trophoblastic disease (GTD) went into remission after receiving the immunotherapy drug pembrolizumab in a clinical trial, report researchers. The trial is the first to show that pembrolizumab can be used to successfully treat women with GTD.
›  Avatar therapy may help to reduce auditory hallucinations for people with schizophrenia
An experimental therapy which involves a face-to-face discussion between a person with schizophrenia and an avatar representing their auditory hallucination may help reduce symptoms, when provided alongside usual treatment, according to a study.
›  Ambush in a petri dish: Researchers unlock secrets of chemical communication between algae, bacteria
If green algae of the species Chlamydomonas reinhardtii meet Pseudomonas protegens bacteria, their fate is sealed. The bacteria, measuring only some two micrometres, surround the algae, which are around five times larger, and attack them with a deadly toxic cocktail. The algae lose their flagella, which renders them immobile. The green single-celled organisms then become deformed and are no longer able to proliferate. The chemical mechanism underlying this extremely effective attack has now been uncovered by botanists and natural product chemists.
›  Earth-air heat exchanger best way to protect farm animals in livestock buildings against the effects of climate change
Without countermeasures, climate change will negatively impact animals in pig and poultry production. Beside the health and wellbeing of the animals, heat stress also affects performance and, as a result, profitability. As the animals are predominantly kept in confined livestock buildings equipped with mechanical ventilation systems, researchers examined the inlet air temperature of several air cooling systems. The best solution, they found, is the use of the earth for heat storage via an earth-air heat exchanger (EAHE). An EAHE cools in the summer, and warms up the inlet air during wintertime.
›  150 years of snake collections: Data bank proves rich snake diversity in the neotropics
An extensive database constructed for snakes of the American tropics has now been released by researchers. This database is made up of museum collections from the past 150 years and demonstrates that some Neotropical regions, such as the Cerrado in the central Brazil, contain a disproportionately high diversity. Furthermore, some other diverse regions are disproportionally under sampled, such as the Amazon.
›  Flies could help to monitor disease outbreaks by acting as 'autonomous bionic drones' suggest scientists
Swarms of flies can be used to help monitor disease outbreaks, suggest scientists. This follows their research that shows how whole communities of bacteria ? known as a microbiome ? can ?hitch a ride? on common carrion flies and can be transferred to any surface where the flies land.
›  Scientists develop artificial photosynthesis device for greener ethylene production
A newly developed device could reduce the carbon footprint of ethylene production, report scientists.
›  Small but distinct differences among species mark evolution of human brain
The most dramatic divergence between humans and other primates can be found in the brain, the primary organ that gives our species its identity. However, all regions of the human brain have molecular signatures very similar to those of our primate relatives, yet some regions contain distinctly human patterns of gene activity that mark the brain's evolution and may contribute to our cognitive abilities, a new study has found.
›  World's smallest tape recorder is built from microbes
Through a few clever molecular hacks, researchers have converted a natural bacterial immune system into a microscopic data recorder, laying the groundwork for a new class of technologies that use bacterial cells for everything from disease diagnosis to environmental monitoring.
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Flynn could prove to be key asset in Mueller's U.S. campaign probe, sources say
WASHINGTON/NEW YORK (Reuters) - Lawyers for former national security adviser Michael Flynn...
›  Pentagon likely to acknowledge 2,000 U.S. troops in Syria: U.S. officials
›  U.S. shoppers browse stores, buy online as Black Friday deals beckon
›  Trump's lawyers say Trump SoHo exit undermines emoluments lawsuit
›  Cordray resigns from U.S. consumer agency, triggers political showdown
›  New Jersey woman raises $325,000 for homeless Samaritan
›  Japan's Osaka to snap sister city link with San Francisco over 'comfort women' statue
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Militants kill more than 230 at Sinai mosque in Egypt's deadliest attack
CAIRO (Reuters) - Militants killed more than 230 people at a mosque in North Sinai on Frid...
›  Syrian opposition picks chief negotiator ahead of new Geneva talks
›  Panic on London's Oxford Street after reports of shooting
›  Castro meets North Korea minister amid hope Cuba can defuse tensions
›  Peru prosecutors say ex-president Toledo bribed by Brazil's Camargo
›  North Korea replaces soldiers, South Korea awards medals after defector's border dash
›  Cuba marks anniversary of Fidel death as post-Castro era nears
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South African appeals court more than doubles Pistorius sentence
JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - South Africa's Supreme Court more than doubled Oscar Pistorius' m...
›  Formula One cars to lose their 'shark fins' in 2018
›  Belgium's Davis Cup hopes boosted as Goffin shines
›  IOC bans Russian bobsledders, speed skaters for Sochi doping
›  In rare admission, Trump golfs (quickly) with Woods, Johnson
›  Mourning Theaux tops downhill practice
›  Motor racing: Hamilton fastest in Abu Dhabi practice
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U.S. shoppers browse stores, buy online as Black Friday deals beckon
CHICAGO/NEW YORK (Reuters) - U.S. stores offered deep discounts, entertainment and free gi...
›  Tech leads S&P above 2,600; Amazon, other retail stocks gain
›  Holiday cheer boosts Amazon, Macy's and other retail stocks
›  'Stealth hedging' shows investors not so complacent
›  Online sales? Maybe one day, says Chanel
›  Uber to disclose price on SoftBank deal early next week: sources
›  Europe's retailers tempt shoppers with Black Friday deals
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Hugh Jackman on 'Logan': 'It's time to leave the party'
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - "I know Aussies are not known for leaving the party...
›  CBS, Dish agree carriage terms; blackout ends
›  Backstreet Boy Nick Carter denies 2002 rape allegation
›  David Cassidy, teen heartthrob of 'The Partridge Family,' dies at 67
›  First love, gay love, take center stage in 'Call Me By Your Name'
›  Disney-Pixar animation executive Lasseter takes leave after 'missteps': memo
›  U.S. TV networks fire Charlie Rose after sex harassment allegations
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U.S. shoppers browse stores, buy online as Black Friday deals beckon
CHICAGO/NEW YORK (Reuters) - U.S. stores offered deep discounts, entertainment and free gi...
›  Uber to disclose price on SoftBank deal early next week: sources
›  Uber seeks to appeal UK workers' rights decision at Supreme Court
›  Brands pull YouTube ads over images of children
›  New Nissan engine bids to extend life for internal combustion
›  Exclusive: Paddy Power Betfair, William Hill hold deal talks with CrownBet
›  Uber, Yandex ride services can merge in Russia, regulator FAS rules
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Online sales? Maybe one day, says Chanel
›  Finland baker launches bread made from crushed crickets
›  Berkshire pub is Britain's most dog-friendly
›  HK tycoon pledges $128 million to charity as index passes milestone
›  Biker groups flourish in post-Gaddafi Libya
›  The social media answer to stressful U.S holiday: Friendsgiving
›  Kendall Jenner ousts Gisele Bundchen as world's top-earning model
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The Roads Can Be Like A Parking Lot Especially In The U.S.
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Cyber Security, The First Thing To Be Fixed
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Studies Say Pedestrians Are Now At More Of A Risk
Just because you are walking to your destination does not mean you can be less aware of danger. The death toll of pedestrians killed in traffic crashes is projected to spike about 10% in 2015 compared...

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Where?s The Fun When Your Car Drives For You?
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What You Need To Know To Leave The Action With A Car At the End Of The Day
When you need to buy a car do you search online through search engines, visit car companies or talk to friends? Another possible way for you to purchase a car is through an auction. You wouldn?t know ...

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