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›  World's oldest insect inspires a new generation of aerogels
Experts have created a new form of highly-efficient, low-cost, sustainable insulation based on the wings of a dragonfly.
›  Belief in fake causes of cancer is rife
Mistaken belief in mythical causes of cancer is rife according to new research.
›  Napping can help tired teens' performance in school
Researchers have found a positive relationship between midday-napping and nighttime sleep. They believe it might be key to boosting neurocognitive function in early adolescents. The team examined adolescents in Jintan, China, measuring midday napping, nighttime sleep duration and sleep quality, and performance on multiple neurocognitive tasks. Habitual nappers (who napped more often) tended to have a better nighttime sleep.
›  A Yellowstone guide to life on Mars
A geology student is helping NASA determine whether life existed on other planets. He is helping find a marker for ancient bacterial life on Mars. The research could help scientists put to rest one of our most fundamental mysteries.
›  Many low-lying atoll islands could be uninhabitable by mid-21st century
Sea-level rise and wave-driven flooding will negatively impact freshwater resources on many low-lying atoll islands in such a way that many could be uninhabitable in just a few decades.
›  Projectile cannon experiments show how asteroids can deliver water
New research shows that a surprising amount of water survives simulated asteroid impacts, a finding that may help explain how asteroids deposit water throughout the solar system.
›  Ultrahigh-pressure laser experiments shed light on super-Earth cores
Using high-powered laser beams, researchers have simulated conditions inside a planet three times as large as Earth. The pressures achieved in this study, up to 1,314 gigapascals (GPa), allowed researchers to gather the highest-pressure X-ray diffraction data ever recorded and generate new, more robust models for the interior structure of large, rocky exoplanets.
›  New link between sleep arousals and body temperature may also be connected to SIDS
What is the origin of these arousals? Scientists have discovered that brief arousals are probably triggered by the intrinsic electrical noise from wake-promoting neurons (WPN) in the brain. Their research reveals a previously unrecognized neurophysiological mechanism that links sleep arousals with temperature regulation, and may also provide an important new link between temperature and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).
›  World's smallest optical implantable biodevice
Researchers have built a new optical device no bigger than the edge of a coin. The device includes a photovoltaic cell that is powered by infrared light and emits blue light. Using infrared light allows the device to be implanted several centimeters deep into the body, while the emission of blue light can be used for optogenetic control of brain patterns.
›  Weather associated with sentiments expressed on social media
Sentiments expressed on Facebook and Twitter may be associated with certain weather patterns.
›  Massive study across western equatorial Africa finds more gorillas and chimpanzees than expected
A massive decade-long study of Western Equatorial Africa's gorillas and chimpanzees has uncovered both good news and bad about our nearest relatives. The good news: there are one third more western lowland gorillas and one tenth more central chimpanzees than previously thought. The bad news: the vast majority of these great apes (80 percent) exist outside of protected areas, and gorilla populations are declining by 2.7 percent annually.
›  New approach to treating patients with stage IV Wilms tumor
A new study shows significantly improved survival rates for patients with stage IV Wilms tumors with lung metastases.
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Supreme Court appears ready to uphold Trump's travel ban
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Supreme Court's conservative majority appeared poised to h...
›  EPA chief Pruitt faces congressional grilling on spending, ethics
›  Ex-California policeman arrested in 'Golden State' serial killer case
›  Trump officials warn of arrests as migrant caravan reaches U.S. border
›  Liberals on top U.S. court ask if Trump travel waivers just 'window dressing'
›  Johnson & Johnson wins appeal to overturn $151 million hip implant verdict
›  Trump lawyer Cohen will invoke 5th Amendment rights in Stormy Daniels case
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Understanding Kim: Inside the U.S. effort to profile the secretive North Korean leader
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. intelligence experts are trying to build a profile of Kim Jong...
›  European powers say they are nearing plan to save Iran nuclear pact
›  North Korea's pledge to dismantle nuclear site sounds good, but verification will be tough
›  South Korea's Moon to meet North Korea's Kim at border for summit
›  China air force circles Taiwan in latest military drill
›  Myanmar court to rule if key witness credible in Reuters case
›  Flashes of past paradise as Philippines' Boracay empties for makeover
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Oklahoma City's Westbrook fined but avoids suspension after Game 4 confrontation
(Reuters) - Oklahoma City's Russell Westbrook has been fined $10,000 over a confrontation ...
›  Soccer: Guadalajara beat Toronto on penalties to win Champions league
›  Masters champion Reed plans to keep on 'grinding'
›  Djokovic crashes out in Barcelona, Nadal wins, Nishikori retires
›  Athletics: Semenya's reign to be ended by new IAAF gender rule
›  Motor racing: U.S. Grand Prix signs up Bruno Mars and Britney Spears
›  Krunic stuns Makarova in Istanbul
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Facebook's rise in profits, users shows resilience after scandals
(Reuters) - Facebook Inc shares rose on Wednesday after the social network reported a sur...
›  Comcast confirms $31 billion bid for Sky, sparking battle with Fox
›  GM president says near resolution for South Korea unit, union accepts wage deal
›  ZTE tells suppliers China trade row may be factor in U.S. ban: source
›  Volkswagen first-quarter profit drops 3.6 percent on accounting changes
›  Asia stocks supported by Wall St., but China drags
›  Chevron evacuates Venezuela executives following staff arrests
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New York Times' Weinstein investigation to be developed as film
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - A behind-the-scenes dramatization on how the New Yo...
›  Cosby jurors ask to hear repeat of star defense witness testimony
›  Yeezy to Disney: Kanye West shatters year-long Twitter silence
›  Fleetwood Mac says Lindsey Buckingham split over tour dispute
›  Russell Simmons and accuser agree to dismiss rape lawsuit
›  Motor racing: U.S. Grand Prix signs up Bruno Mars and Britney Spears
›  Stockholm church bells play 'Wake me up' in Avicii tribute
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ZTE tells suppliers China trade row may be factor in U.S. ban: source
NEW YORK (Reuters) - China's ZTE Corp held a conference call on Wednesday with major supp...
›  Facebook's rise in profits, users shows resilience after scandals
›  Trump, top aides talk trade with Apple CEO Cook at White House
›  Qualcomm easing licensing terms in bid to strike deals
›  Nintendo expects 27 percent annual profit jump on strong Switch sales
›  Samsung Electronics flags mobile weakness as chips power record first-quarter profit
›  Revolut becomes Britain's first digital bank unicorn
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Beloved princes: Boys become Buddhist novices in Thailand
›  China's Lisu aim to save crossbow culture
›  Modigliani's largest nude to go under hammer, seen at $150 million
›  It's a boy: 'Very excited' Prince William takes Kate home after birth of prince
›  All dolled up for Britain's royal wedding
›  Gospel choir to sing at wedding of UK Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
›  Iraqi shrine tablets offer blessings, cures and a living
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The Roads Can Be Like A Parking Lot Especially In The U.S.
  Traffic can add more time to your commute going to and from work, which causes you to allow more time for your commute. Despite advances in public transportation and ride sharing, expansion of ...

Mazda Blows Winter Driving Out Of The Way
Driving can be dangerous sometimes in the best conditions and winter can make it worse, unless your prepared. Take for example, Mazda?s MX-5 roadster, widely praised for its excellent, well balanced h...

Upgrading Safety Even In The Taillights
DETROIT ? Everyday car companies explore new ways to keep your family safe, and now they created upgrades to fix the lighting as well. Not only does today’s exterior lighting improve safety, des...

Do You Know Everything You Can About Your Car
Do you know what to do every time you step in the drivers seat, and what features are available to help make your driving experience better and easier? While automakers are spending billions of dollar...

Cyber Security, The First Thing To Be Fixed
Recently there have been multiple issues with connectivity when it comes to hackers and safety, so before it is available to the masses it must be protected as well. Connectedvehicleshold tremendous...

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Is The Start- Stop Technology Better for Us As It Is The Economy
With the concern of global warming looming over us everyday, car companies are pulling together ideas to help, but are they better? Dr. Keith Tao, a radiologist in Danville, Calif., owns three late-mo...

Studies Say Pedestrians Are Now At More Of A Risk
Just because you are walking to your destination does not mean you can be less aware of danger. The death toll of pedestrians killed in traffic crashes is projected to spike about 10% in 2015 compared...

Car Companies Take One More Step Forward On The Road Electric Vehicles
LAS VEGAS? With the decline in the availability of oil, electric and hybrid cars will become more important. Although sales of electric and hybrid vehicles have struggled, automakers are charging ahea...

Where?s The Fun When Your Car Drives For You?
Most people have some fun memories of a road trip, or a stretch of rad they enjoyed driving on, but what happens when you don?t have that opportunity anymore because the car drives for you, will it st...

What You Need To Know To Leave The Action With A Car At the End Of The Day
When you need to buy a car do you search online through search engines, visit car companies or talk to friends? Another possible way for you to purchase a car is through an auction. You wouldn?t know ...

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