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At least 13 people have been arrest...

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›  How stress can curb the desire to eat in an animal model
Eating disorder researchers have discovered a neurocircuit in mice that, when activated, increased their stress levels while decreasing their desire to eat.
›  Humans migrated to Mongolia much earlier than previously believed
Stone tools uncovered in Mongolia by an international team of archaeologists indicate that modern humans traveled across the Eurasian steppe about 45,000 years ago.
›  Nylon as a building block for transparent electronic devices?
Scientists have solved a four decade long challenge of producing very thin nylon films that can be used for instance in electronic memory components. The thin nylon films are several 100 times thinner than human hair and could thus be attractive for applications in bendable electronic devices or for electronics in clothing.
›  Physiological mechanisms leading to enterovirus opening revealed
Enteroviruses are one of the most common human pathogens leading to high number of acute and chronic infections worldwide. The physiological events leading to successful enterovirus infection are still poorly understood. Researchers have found significant new information concerning the role of Albumin and ions in host cell vesicles that promote genome release and efficient infection.
›  Discovery of anti-opioid pathway offers new route to designing safer pain medications
A team has discovered a biological system that manages cells' response to opioid drug exposure. The unexpected discovery offers new ideas for improving the safety of the one of the most effective, and most abused, group of pain medications.
›  From the tiny testes of flies, new insight into how genes arise
A common birthplace of new genes, the male testes are a hotspot for biological innovation. Within these organs, scientists have found a trove of virgin genetic sequences -- and a better understanding of how evolution moves forward.
›  Children with mild asthma can use inhalers as needed, study suggests
A new study supports evidence that children with mild asthma can effectively manage the condition by using their two inhalers -- one a steroid and the other a bronchodilator -- when symptoms occur. This is in contrast to the traditional method of using the steroid daily, regardless of symptoms, and the bronchodilator when symptoms occur. The as-needed use of both inhalers is just as effective for mild asthma as the traditional protocol, according to the investigators.
›  Researchers refine guidelines for pediatric brain injuries
There are no guidelines on whether a noninvasive method of measuring carbon dioxide from patients' exhalations, known as end-tidal capnography, is as effective as drawing blood through a child's artery. This study found that measuring the carbon dioxide level through an artery is still the most accurate diagnostic for pediatric brain trauma.
›  A novel cellular process to engulf nano-sized materials
Researchers have discovered a cellular process that allows nanomaterial entry into cells.
›  Cannabis-related poison control calls for Massachusetts kids doubled after medical pot legalized
After medical marijuana became legal in Massachusetts, cannabis-related poison control calls involving the commonwealth's children and teenagers doubled, according to a public health investigation.
›  Neuronal mechanism that is central to human free recall identified
Recently Weizmann Institute scientists succeeded in recording these rapid bursts of activity -- called 'hippocampal ripples' -- in the human brain, and they were able to demonstrate their importance as a neuronal mechanism underlying the engraving of new memories and their subsequent recall.
›  Researcher decodes the brain to help patients with mental illnesses
Approximately 1 in 5 adults in the United States experience mental illness in a given year. Severe mental illnesses cause the brain to have trouble dealing with cognitively effortful states, like focusing attention over long periods of time, discriminating between two things that are difficult to tell apart, and responding quickly to information that is coming in fast.
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Police make arrests as right-wing, anti-fascist groups rally in Portland
Police in Portland, Oregon arrested at least 13 people on Saturday as a right-wing group m...
›  Official autopsy concludes Epstein's death was suicide by hanging
›  Suspect in New York City subway scare apprehended by police
›  Ex-Trump campaign chief Lewandowski says 'happy' to testify before Congress
›  Republican Iowa senator says Trump EPA 'screwed us' with biofuel waivers
›  Amazon.com defeats IRS appeal in U.S. tax dispute
›  U.S. judge urges VW, SEC to resolve civil Dieselgate suit
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UK faces food, fuel and drugs shortages in no-deal Brexit: Times, citing official documents
Britain will face shortages of fuel, food and medicine if it leaves the European Union wit...
›  Eastern Libyan forces damaged civilian airport in western Libya: U.N.
›  UK parliament cannot stop Brexit, Johnson to tell Macron and Merkel
›  Wildfire prompts evacuations in Canary Islands
›  'May God ruin Trump', Tlaib's grandmother says
›  Taliban say killing of leader's brother will not derail U.S. talks
›  Blast at wedding in Afghan capital wounds at least 20: hospital
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Tiger keeps Tour Championship hopes alive with 67 at BMW
Tiger Woods kept his hopes of qualifying for next week's Tour Championship alive by shooti...
›  MLB roundup: Yaz belts three homers in Giants' 11-inning win
›  Medvedev shocks world number one Djokovic
›  Thomas shoots course-record 61 for six-shot lead at BMW
›  Boston's Sale could be done for year
›  Kuznetsova stuns Barty to set up finals clash with Keys
›  Yankees fete Rivera: 'I'm glad I did OK'
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Ferrari will expand its lineup of road cars, but not too much
Italian premium sports car maker Ferrari NV will expand sales of easier-driving grand tou...
›  Argentina Treasury minister resigns, says 'significant renewal' needed amid economic crisis
›  Last orders: Rise of closing auctions stirs worries in European stock markets
›  Sainsbury's says not talking to internal candidates for CEO succession
›  Exclusive: U.S. set to give Huawei another 90 days to buy from American suppliers - sources
›  SoftBank plans to lend up to $20 billion to employees to invest in new fund: WSJ
›  Standard Chartered faces fine for sanctions breaches: Sky News
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'You can still sense the love': Baby boomers revel at Woodstock 50 years on
Baby boomers dressed in tie-dye, rolling wheelchairs and chasing a memory o...
›  'Easy Rider' actor Peter Fonda dead at age 79
›  Sheeran design Heinz Ketchup bottle sells for 1,500 pounds
›  'Hollywood Ripper' found guilty of murdering two women, including Ashton Kutcher's date
›  'Creating Woodstock': how festival came together, and almost fell apart
›  'Jimmy Kimmel Live' hit with $395,000 fine over emergency tones in skit
›  Amid fresh meltdown, Argentine film gives last laugh to victims of 2001 crisis
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Exclusive: U.S. set to give Huawei another 90 days to buy from American suppliers - sources
The U.S. Commerce Department is expected to extend a reprieve given to Huawei Technologies...
›  Alibaba and the $15 billion question: Amid Hong Kong's protests, when to list?
›  China's Ninebot unveils scooters that drive themselves to charging stations
›  Amazon.com defeats IRS appeal in U.S. tax dispute
›  Airbnb records 30% growth rate in first-quarter on booking strength: source
›  Trump says he is having dinner Friday with Apple CEO Cook
›  Rental firm walks away from Tesla order after quality dispute
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Historic Budapest synagogue to reopen amid Jewish cultural revival
›  Samoans ink painful bond with their motherland
›  Massive steel sculpture takes pride of place on Belgian highway
›  Statue of 'comfort women' pulled from Japan exhibit finds new home
›  How 'Woodstock' movie shaped festival's place in counterculture
›  Still feelin' groovy: Woodstock photo couple together after all these years
›  Fun or folly? Another English cathedral installs a fairground attraction
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The Roads Can Be Like A Parking Lot Especially In The U.S.
  Traffic can add more time to your commute going to and from work, which causes you to allow more time for your commute. Despite advances in public transportation and ride sharing, expansion of ...

Mazda Blows Winter Driving Out Of The Way
Driving can be dangerous sometimes in the best conditions and winter can make it worse, unless your prepared. Take for example, Mazda?s MX-5 roadster, widely praised for its excellent, well balanced h...

Upgrading Safety Even In The Taillights
DETROIT ? Everyday car companies explore new ways to keep your family safe, and now they created upgrades to fix the lighting as well. Not only does today’s exterior lighting improve safety, des...

Do You Know Everything You Can About Your Car
Do you know what to do every time you step in the drivers seat, and what features are available to help make your driving experience better and easier? While automakers are spending billions of dollar...

Cyber Security, The First Thing To Be Fixed
Recently there have been multiple issues with connectivity when it comes to hackers and safety, so before it is available to the masses it must be protected as well. Connectedvehicleshold tremendous...

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Is The Start- Stop Technology Better for Us As It Is The Economy
With the concern of global warming looming over us everyday, car companies are pulling together ideas to help, but are they better? Dr. Keith Tao, a radiologist in Danville, Calif., owns three late-mo...

Studies Say Pedestrians Are Now At More Of A Risk
Just because you are walking to your destination does not mean you can be less aware of danger. The death toll of pedestrians killed in traffic crashes is projected to spike about 10% in 2015 compared...

Car Companies Take One More Step Forward On The Road Electric Vehicles
LAS VEGAS? With the decline in the availability of oil, electric and hybrid cars will become more important. Although sales of electric and hybrid vehicles have struggled, automakers are charging ahea...

Where?s The Fun When Your Car Drives For You?
Most people have some fun memories of a road trip, or a stretch of rad they enjoyed driving on, but what happens when you don?t have that opportunity anymore because the car drives for you, will it st...

What You Need To Know To Leave The Action With A Car At the End Of The Day
When you need to buy a car do you search online through search engines, visit car companies or talk to friends? Another possible way for you to purchase a car is through an auction. You wouldn?t know ...

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