Anyone Want to Wear Some Boiled Milk Residue?

sexy green eco fashionGreen fashion is in and the fashion show to prove it was held at Copenhagen’s Opera House — across the Danish capital from where delegates from 192 countries are gathered to hammer out an agreement aimed at stemming global warning — the display brought together 20 designers from five Nordic countries and representatives of such retailing heavyweights as H&M and Barneys.

Designers each presented two looks made from organic cottons and silks, polyesters made from recycled plastic bottles or new fabrics made from waste left over from industry and agriculture.

Never heard of Crabion? It’s made from byproducts from the crab industry. And Ingeo? It’s made out of corn scraps and can be made to mimic the smoothness of silk or the glossy sheen of PVC. Ditto, Milkfiber, which, you guessed it, is milled milk: from the powder left over from boiled milk, more precisely.