Rating April Fools Jokes of the Past

WAIL (1997) BMW announced a new feature for its automobiles that would cause animals to move out of the path of the car. Dubbed WAIL for “Wildlife, Acoustic, Information, Link,” the device emitted a high-pitched sound wave inaudible to human ears, but audible to animals. The sound wave sent animals scurrying away from the oncoming car, saving them from possible injury. In the ad a small hedgehog was shown running away from the road as a BMW 7 Series sweeped past. A related web site explained that it was no longer just Dr. Doolittle who communicated with animals.

This one is not very funny but it does score points with me for believability – 7/10

Driver’s Weight Sensors (1989) BMW announced a new anti-theft device that would soon be available on its cars—Driver’s Weight Sensors (DWS). The device would recognize the weight of the driver, and if a driver with a different weight attempted to start the car they would be greeted by gongs and flashing headlamps while a hidden radio signal contacted the police. Interested readers were instructed to contact Hugh Phelfrett at BMW.
Not only is this believable but it is actually kind of cool.

I guess it would suck if your spouse was using it and you forgot to disable it but it would be a good backup for locked doors – 7.5/10