UK Expands Green Car Charging Stations

The expansion of the UK’s recharging infrastructure is being primarily funded through the Government’s Plugged-in Places scheme, and also by enlightened local authorities such as Milton Keynes and Oxford. Despite the ongoing budget cuts, the Office of Low Emission Vehicles has confirmed funding of £300 million for the installation of 8,500 recharge points by 2013, 4,000 of which will be ‘on-street’ public access points.

Next Green Car have added a further 282 electric car charging points to Zap-Map in the two months since its launch, resulting in a total of 1,034 points mapped across 451 locations.

The majority of the charging points continue to be the “Slow” chargers (6-8 hours for full charge). However Zap-Map has added the first six “Fast” chargers (3-4 hours for full charge) and an additional two “Rapid” chargers (80% charge in 30 minutes) to add to the existing 27. Zap-Map will continue to be updated on a weekly basis.

“The continuing roll-out of recharge points at home, at the workplace and in public locations is key part of encouraging the take-up of electric vehicles. As part of this electric revolution, owners of plug-in EVs need an easy-to-use data resource showing where the public recharging points are located – this is why we have developed Zap-Map in the UK” says Dr. Ben Lane from Next Green Car.

The Next Green Car’s Zap-Map can be found on a new electric cars micro-site within Next Green Car, which also provides an electric car buying guide, details about available electric models, model prices and more.

Next Green Car’s Zap-Map is now available to license by third parties, either as a fully integrated bespoke map or as a data feed to integrate onto an existing map.  Great news, keep them coming!