Ulimate in Green Energy

human batteryImagine a world where gadets were powered by bio-batteries, you know – grab a mars bar and power your iPod for 6 hours by using some of the energy produced by your bodies?  That is exactly what Gizmodo has written about!

It turns out that the bio-batteries closest to reality at this time have a major problem with waste products. That waste is created as those particular batteries involve microbial yeast-based fuel cells that steal “some of the electrons produced when the yeast metabolizes glucose” in order to create a small current. While the entire process works just fine, the yeast cells are at risk unless the waste products are removed. We can’t exactly let the waste be dumped into the blood stream, so until there’s a some kind of cleaning process, the batteries are trouble as they either they die off or poison your bloodstream while trying to survive. I think this would be super cool but I hope we don’t end up like the Matrix!