Cash for Clinkers

Here is some Friday humor that is more ‘smile and grin’ than ROTFLMAO.

Police in Florida are using the promise of a stimulus checks (similar to cash for clunkers) to make some arrests.

Authorities in Fort Lauderdale say they sent letters to fugitives offering them stimulus money. The suspects were asked to call a hot line and set up an appointment to pickup a check from an auditorium where “South Florida Stimulus Coalition” banners hung.

When the fugitives arrived, they were identified and arrested on offences ranging from grand theft to fraud to attempted murder. Police spokesman Sgt. Frank Sousa says the two-day sting was dubbed “Operation Show Me The Money.” Sousa says the sting saved man hours and allowed police to make arrests in a controlled environment.

I think this is pretty funny and a great way to get fugitives in.