Going Green and Saving Cash

Most folks mistakenly think it costs a lot of extra cash to go green but if you use your head you can actually save money many ways.  Here is an example that was posted over at muchapedia.com

Compact Flourescent Light Bulbs use around 1/3rd of the amount of energy, and last about ten times longer than the bulbs most people regularly use. So, if you calculate what it would cost to buy 10 of the light bulbs we normally use, and factor in an electric bill that is 65% higher (for lighting), it becomes very obvious that CFLs actually cost A LOT less.

Let’s just do the math:
One 60 watt CFL bulb saves $56.00 in energy costs as compared to using a standard 60 watt incandescent bulb at 12 cents per KWH. A three pack of compact flourescent bulbs will run you about $7.99. So, basically, for 8 bucks, you can save almost $170.00.

Furthermore, today’s compact flourescent bulbs emit a very soft, warm light just like the incandescent bulbs to which we have all grown accustomed. You don’t have to sacrifice your comfort to live green. These principles apply to just about every green living tip around. We can save (a lot of) money without compromising our contentment. In fact, by living green, we are helping to preserve, and even to enhance, our quality of life.

I really need to go out and pick up more of these money saving bulbs!!