Tech Loaded $2M Bugatti Veyron

“What if?” It’s the powerful question that has fired the imagination of innovators throughout history. And would-be innovators too, sitting bored in school, imagining “what if?” when sketching their dream cars.

This was the kind of unrestrained thinking, backed by an unrestrained budget, that produced the original Bugatti Veyron, a shocking 1,000 horsepower, all-wheel-drive cruise missile of a car. But then someone said, “What if … we cut the roof off and made it a convertible?” and recently, the $2 million Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport was born.

Naturally, a $2 million car comes packed with enough gadgets for James Bond, some aimed at helping corral those thousand horses and others technology that performs the magicians’ trick of doing their work without attracting notice.

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